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Monday, January 26 2015 @ 07:05 PM CST

Decision Expected on NATO 3 Constitutionality Challenge, 3/27, 2pm

Anarchist Movement

The judge in the NATO 3 case is expected to issue his ruling on the constitutionality challenge this Wednesday. If you’re in Chicago, join us for this important hearing:

Wednesday, March 27, 2pm
Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 26th and California
Room 303

Want an in-depth understanding of the constitutionality challenge? Listen to a recording of our recent constitutionality challenge teach-in (https://soundcloud.com/scrod-1/nato5-oral-arguments-teach-in). You can also read the defense motions on our Court Documents page (http://nato5support.wordpress.com/court-documents/) and our notes from the oral arguments on our Court Notes page (http://nato5support.wordpress.com/court-documents/court-notes/).

This decision is expected to be the first major legal Development in the NATO 3 case, as the defense is arguing that the terrorism charges should be thrown out for being unconstitutional. This legal motion is arguing that the law itself violates First Amendment protected activity and that it is specifically eing used to target these defendants for their perceived political beliefs, activities, and associations. If this motion is successful, it will mark a blow against the state’s politically motivated prosecution and reduce the number of felony counts the defendants are facing.

Join us in court on Wednesday as we stand in solidarity with Brent, Brian, and Jared! You can also start planning your solidarity action or event for our International Week of Solidarity with the NATO 5 (http://nato5support.wordpress.com/international-week-of-solidarity-with-the-nato-5/) from May 16-21 and donate to the support fund (https://www.wepay.com/donations/nato-5-defense).

About the NATO 5

In the days leading up to the Chicago NATO summit in May 2012, five anti-NATO activists were prememptively arrested after undercover informants infiltrated the Occupy movement. Co-defendants Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, and Brian Church were charged with 11 felonies, some of which were brought under the Illinois state terrorism statute. Their attorneys are challenging the terrorism statute as unconstitutional on its face and as applied to this case. In two separate cases, Sebastian Senakiewicz was charged with falsely making a terrorist threat and recently took a non-cooperating plea deal, while Mark Neiweem is charged with soliciting materials for an explosive device and related charges. All 5 defendants remain incarcerated.

These cases are linked by a common thread–undercover Chicago police officers who targeted and entrapped the activists because of their politics. They are also part of a broader pattern of state repression against political activists, in which charging activists as terrorists is one of many strategies being used to silence dissent and dismantle activist communities. To keep up-to-date, sign up for our announcements listserv by emailing nato-5-announce- subscribe@lists.riseup.net, find us on Facebook at Free the NATO 5! (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-the-Nato5/172345546229824), and follow us on Twitter @FreeNATO5 (https://twitter.com/FreeNATO5).

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