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Monday, December 22 2014 @ 03:20 PM CST

Who Gets Bond, Who Doesn't And What It Really Means


Black defendants are assigned greater bail levels than whites accused of similar offenses. To investigate whether this difference can be explained without taste-baseddiscrimination, we construct a simple model of optimal bail setting. We develop a two-step econometric method that allows us to estimate the model while holding constant defendant heterogeneity that judges can observe, even when we do not. In return for making the behavioral model’s relatively weak parametric assumptions, we are able to allow an arbitrary conditional distribution of such heterogeneity.

Who Gets Bond, Who Doesn't And What It Really Means

It is prisons Friday and I decided a look at pretrial detention might be in order. Surprise, surprise, surprise...it seems that like pretty much everything else in the US of A, race seems to play a role. A large body of research finds that Black, Native Americans, and Latino defendants are much more likely to be detained prior to trial then are white defendants, and that legal factors do not account for the disparity.

Obviously, class also plays a huge role in being actually released on bail. If bail is granted, they you either have the bucks are you don't.

Of course, numerous previous studies have shown that those who don't make bail are those who are most often then convicted. Other studies show that those locked up prior to trial are far more likely to plead out than those free on bond. Still other studies have found that pre trial detention makes a more severe sentence all the more likely for the person locked up then the person out on bond.

Thus, whether a person can get out on bail impacts even more then just being locked up before trial.

I could go on, but you get the drift.

...and I won't even get into the whole sleazy business of bail bonding....

I found this thing at the Social Science Research Center web site.

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