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Monday, January 26 2015 @ 11:45 PM CST

Fifth Estate, Winter 2013 issue, now available

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After much toil the Winter 2013 "Education" issue of Fifth Estate is now available! Anarchist Violence or State Violence? Propaganda of the Deed, Taking it OFF the streets! From Ritual to Resistance, John Zerzan in London, and more!

Fifth Estate, Winter 2013 issue, now available

After much toil the Winter 2013 "Education" issue of Fifth Estate is now available!

If you're a subscriber, copies should have reached you, or are in the mail and will arrive shortly.

Please note, if you recently moved, the issue will not be forwarded to you. It will be sent back to us for which we are charged, and then have to remail it making the process a costly one for us. So, please send any address changes now to make sure you receive your copy and we don't incur unnecessary costs.

We will also soon receive an invoice from our printer for over $2,000 so all subscription renewals, new subs, bulk remittances, and donations are greatly appreciated.

If you are a subscriber and you have received a renewal notice marked #387 or below, your subscription has expired. We know in a world of competing media and tough economic times, sometimes it's hard to justify another expenditure, but we have depended on our subscribers for our almost half century of publishing, and hope you will stay with us. Other radical publications seem to be dropping like flies, so we count on you to assure we make it to our 50 year anniversary celebration, and beyond.

PayPal subscribers: PayPal sets up automatic renewals for new subscribers. This is their policy, not ours. Your subscription is for four issues, but they do it by calendar year which means you will be auto-renewed before your subscription actually expires. If you want to leave this in place as a donation, we need and appreciate the extra income, but if not, you need to cancel the auto-function.

Please see below for the contents of the new issue, and thank you for your continued support.

- The FE Collective.

FIFTH ESTATE Winter 2013 Vol. 47, #3, #388

Issue Theme: Education: For Rebellion! Not Conformity

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." — Socrates

"The only source of knowledge is experience." – Albert Einstein

Winter is the traditional time when students are deep in their studies. At present, there are tuition strikes, austerity strikes, student loan debt crises, and other dilemmas regarding education playing out in the public arena. For much of mainstream society, even the very value and meaning of education is now in question.


Anarchist Violence or State Violence?

Propaganda of the Deed

Taking it OFF the streets! From Ritual to Resistance

John Zerzan in London

Vietnam: Gucci Meets Communist Revolution

Art in Support of Prisoners: Marie Mason update

Seattle Grand Jury Targets Anarchists

Life in the Body dump: Kelly Pflug-Back from prison

Operation 8: Terror Down Under

Cleveland 4: Invented crime claims victims

Drones: Death by Spreadsheet

The Sea by John Zerzan

Special Section on Anarchism & Education:

What Do We Learn in School?

A Short History of Schools

Anti-Authoritarian Personalities & Standard Schools

Quebec Student Strike

Unschooling & Free Schools

New Orleans Free School Network

Frontlines of Educational Revolt

Toronto’s Free School

Mexico: The Realities of Tourism


William Gibson by Paul J. Comeau

Miranda Mellis by Penelope Rosemont

Food Not Bombs by Dave Not Bombs

WWAD: What Would Anarchists Do?

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