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Monday, December 22 2014 @ 07:38 PM CST

Ramona Africa on the Green Roots of MOVE

Earth First

Ramona Africa became the spokesperson for the MOVE organization in the 1970's during a time of extreme political and social upheaval. MOVE's anti-establishment ideology, effective outreach campaigns and refusal to compromise their beliefs brought sadistic levels of repression from the Philadelphia police and city government; this repression culminated in the 1985 bombing and subsequent destruction of a residential Philadelphia neighborhood. 11 MOVE members, five of them children, were brutally murdered by the state, prevented from fleeing the raging inferno by continual police gunfire. Ramon Africa and a young child named Birdy Africa were the sole survivors. After watching her friends and family murdered by the state, Ramona endured seven years in prison on riot charges. No city offical was ever brought to account for the murder of 11 people and the destruction of more than 65 homes. After her release from prison Ramona Africa has spoken tirelessly on behalf of justice and continues working towards the freedom of MOVE's political prisoners. During this interview she spoke about a lesser known aspect of MOVE's history and why this empire's days are numbered.

Click here to listen to the interview.


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