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Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World

Denver police attack Occupy protestersInfoshop News (November 18, 2011) -- The Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City head into their second month while the Occupy movement spreads worldwide, with local groups now in over 1,000 cities. Local occupations continue to experience government harassment and violence. Last night, 20 people were arrested in Cincinnati and police attacked protesters in Melbourne, Australia. Local encampments, including those in Kansas City and Lawrence, appear to have fended off police attempts to remove camps. Other cities are experiencing petty harassment from the authorities.

While the movement continues to stick to its philosophy of being open to everyone and not adhering to specific demands, local groups are experiencing co-optation pressures from authoritarian groups such as the Democratic Party and various socialist groups. Democratic Party support groups such as Moveon.org have been using the protests to raise money for their organizations, actions that have been widely condemned by OWS protesters.

The media continues to give the movement extensive coverage, with even the conservative media being favorable at times. Corporate liberal media such as the Huffington Post jumped on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon early on, but have cooled their heels as their connections to Wall Street have been highlighted by activists (as well as the boycott of HuffPost because of its treatment of writers). The movement has engenedered new media projects, including several newspapers in New York City.

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Police attack - Occupy Denver 11/13/2011


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Protests on Saturday, October 15

  • Barcelona: 350,000
  • Berlin: 10,000
  • Brussels: 6,500
  • Cologne: 1,000
  • Copenhagen: 3,000
  • Dusseldorf, Germany: 2,400
  • Frankfurt, Germany: 8,000
  • Johannesburg: 500
  • Lisbon: 20,000
  • London: 5,000 - Day of 'Global Revolution' comes to London as thousands of demonstrators take over the City
  • Lyon: 1,000
  • Madrid: 500,000 at Puerta del Sol.
  • Oporto, Portugal: 20,000
  • Paris: 1,000
  • Rome: 200,000 at Porta San Giovanni
  • Santiago, Chile: 100,000
  • Stockholm: 200
  • Sydney: 1,000
  • Taipei: 100
  • The Hague: 700
  • Valencia, Spain: 100,000
  • Zagreb: 10,000
  • Zaragoza, Spain: 40,000
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Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: ArchStanton on Saturday, October 22 2011 @ 02:13 PM CDT

"The group often credited with sparking Occupy Wall Street is Adbusters, the Canadian anti-capitalist magazine ..."

What a relief.  For a second there I thought they were going to be called "anarchists" again.


Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, November 22 2011 @ 12:27 PM CST

A couple of days ago, I reposted what I thought was an excellent article in Rolling Stone called Inside Occupy Wall Street, but Chuck Munson elected not to print it for some reason - whatever. 

I just wanted to make a couple of observations about what I saw at Occupy Chicago last weekend.  I was very late visiting the event, and it is starting to get chilly here, so I wasn't surprised to see that attendance at the site across from the Federal Reserve Bank and the Chicago Board of Trade was pretty sparse.  I talked to a few people, and got a general impression of camaraderie and solidarity, although some people seemed more connected to what was going on than others.  Just a few cops watching from accross the street around 10 PM, when I made it down there.

The next night I went to the General Assembly in the park at Congress and Michigan, which started off very small, and only made it up to about twenty or thirty people.  It was colder than it had been the previous night.  Very little was discussed aside from organizational topics (next GA time and place, committee stuff, etc.)  No cops around.  One guy I was talking to began telling me how important it was to start a "Workers Party", and another dude, who announced that his father (or uncle) is a Chicago alderman, proposed that a working committee be formed to establish a political party to support Occupy Chicago, as well as supporting sympathetic Democratic candidates in Chicago.  Amazingly, no one spoke up against this idea.  Now, I was very tempted to say something myself, but as this was my first time there, and I am old enough to be this guy's father, I thought I might come off as disruptive or bullying.  I did, however, post some comments at the Occupy Chicago web site's discussion board.

Frankly, I didn't hear anything at this GA that inspired me to get more deeply involved in what seems to be turning into just another leftist circle-jerk, at least in Chicago

Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: Admin on Tuesday, November 22 2011 @ 01:04 PM CST

We didn't approve it because the story had already been posted here a week earlier.

Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: camilla on Wednesday, November 23 2011 @ 02:38 AM CST

We can never deny that we are in the middle of financial crisis. Most people today are having a hard time looking for jobs. Few careers are as maligned as debt collectors these days. Given, given the conduct of some in the industry, that destruction is self-inflicted. Consumers register more grievances against them yearly and the Federal Trade Commission keeps processing lawsuits against more of them. Resource for this article: Debt collector complaints surge along with FTC lawsuits

Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: ArchStanton on Saturday, November 26 2011 @ 01:54 PM CST

Coming in the next issue of Rolling Stone: "Situationism 101" by Lindsay Lohan.



Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreads Around the World
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, November 30 2011 @ 05:42 AM CST

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