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Friday, December 19 2014 @ 09:08 AM CST

6,000 Prisoners Resume Hunger Strike in California

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Infoshop News (September 28, 2011) - People being imprisoned in California prisons have resumed a hunger strike which initially happened last July. The expansion of draconian state measures against Californians has led to overcrowding and other terrible conditions in California's incarceration facilities.

Round 2, Day 3: Strike Spreads Rapidly, At least 6,000 prisoners resume strike

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity - Today (9/28/11) lawyers & mediators of Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity’s mediation team confirm that at least 6,000 prisoners throughout CA are resuming the hunger strike that originally began in July. The CDCR refuses to release where prisoners are striking exactly, and how many prisoners are striking at each prison. We know that hundreds of prisoners in the General Population at Calipatria are joining the hunger strike for one week in solidarity with 200 hunger strikers in Calipatria’s two Administrative Segregation Units (Ad-Seg & ASU), bringing Calipatria’s numbers up to 500-1,000 hunger strikers.

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