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Wednesday, December 17 2014 @ 07:03 PM CST

Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!

News ArchiveEleven people were arrested here yesterday evening, including folks from Milwaukee, Carrboro, Raleigh, Asheville, and OKC. Ten people have $10,000 bail and seven counts of misdemeanor damage to personal property, three counts of misdemeanor damage to real property; one person has $11,000 bail and an extra charge. One person has been bailed out by their family so far.
Everyone will be arraigned tomorrow at 8:30am, so we'll know more then. Their charges and bail may change, and we may be able to get folks out then. We haven't heard much from the people inside, so we aren't sure who wants to be bailed out right now. We'll update y'all once we have more information.

As you can probably tell, we could use cash money. We're working on getting a paypal set up, but if you'd like to wire us money or send us checks, email howdotheywork@gmail.com.

More news as it comes! Thanks for all of the love and solidarity that's been pouring in already, and good luck to everyone else who got in trouble yesterday.
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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help! | 10 comments | Create New Account
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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: Red on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 02:20 AM CDT

I hope they're more careful next time.

It's much easier to get a way with things when thye're well planned out and it's only in groups of 2-5 (arguably). Brazen acts of property destruction won't get us far. Surgical attacks, on the other hand, well, at least we may get a way with them in those instances. Fight the class war, but be fuckin careful! Unless you're a minor, then rip that shit up!!! lol.

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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: laozi on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 08:55 AM CDT


read some manuals, train, practice, start small...

the greeks do it.

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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: Pathology on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 11:08 AM CDT

The assumption that the difference between "the greeks" and Americans is that the greeks are better "trained" is wrong. The reality is that they don't live in the American police state and have tons more social freedoms than you do (often being earned in revolutionary upheavels which are organized in mass by many sectors of the society -not by small groups breaking windows).

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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: hiddenhourpress on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 12:16 PM CDT


and "practice"? where the fuck have you been, fuck training--let's find each other and flex our bravery muscles



Edited on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 12:37 PM CDT by hiddenhourpress
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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 02:05 PM CDT

what is this "fuck training" shit, anarchists can't just sit around smoking and occasionally riding bikes and then expect to be able to pull off any kind of action, everyone has seen it contribute to complete failure every fucking time

in the absence of huge numbers and long-entrenched social struggles, like in everyone's favorite anarcho-fantasy world Greece, you have to be healthier, faster, stronger, more alert, better than your enemies, or your enemies will cast you down without a thought - leaving you in the exact position American insurrectionists and anti-state communists or whatever have been finding themselves in for years now, full of rage but largely left without communities to support them, without money, attempting to respond to the social contingencies of a history that they refuse to understand, and artfully masking their weakness with a false aesthetic regime of confrontation and insurgency

career insurrectionists: you do as much or more to burn out and destroy every new generation of anarchists as liberal scum like SDS

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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: Pathology on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 03:31 PM CDT

Reality check, anarchism is a philosophical theory about how people should live their lives, not an action plan for protesting in one fashion or another.

I think the problem is that young people coming into the movement (and this is the same in Greece) are overwhelmed with the reality of social life under capitalism and want to overthrow it as fast as possible. It takes years of integrating communities, changing our culture, mentality, relationships to each other, analysis, AND collective acts of rebellion of revolt (mainly for inspiration) to make social change and to build social movements... It also means being "mainstream," doing things with liberals and communists, doing hard work and organizing, and making anarchism a more popular and focused theory which relates to the social reality.

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Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!
Authored by: hiddenhourpress on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 04:03 PM CDT

thank you, capra, for your perpetually scathing insights. i suppose i should elaborate on my original comment, typed in hasty but genuine support.

the action itself hardly raised my pulse. what i wanted to say is that instead of "training" for this short-sighted, wanker-ass shit that plays out over and over, we should be moving towards a practice of more extreme bravery, especially in the United States where no, we don't have the benefit of a long history of popular anarchist militancy, universities where we can run into and hide from riot police, and liberal squatting laws, but many of us here still retain memories of and feel the anguish of a more recently faded world (subdivisions that were once our favorite forests, supermarkets where people used to hunt deer, etc.) far more free than most people in Greece could ever imagine, not to mention that we have access to and, with real preparation the ability to attack, some of the weakest spots on the body of this ugly-ass techno-industrial society which fucks EVERYONE. So perhaps we should begin to aspire to a strategy lovingly tailored to our unique and advantageous North American situation, not some frustrated, weak attempt at mildly striking these common manifestations of capitalism once every three months under the cover of as many people that can make it from the 4 cities where "insurrectionists" exist and then writing about its implications in the next issue of Politics Is Not A Banana.

all that said, really, best of luck to everyone in Asheville and we're thinking of you. now might be a really good time to delete your facebook.

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Indiscriminate destruction is not anarchy
Authored by: blackinsf on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 03:06 PM CDT

Downtown Asheville consists of mostly locally-owned businesses that participate in buy local and local currency programs.Very few chain or large corporate stores exist downtown. Looking that the pictures of the businesses that got hit, it looks like mainly local businesses were targeted. It will be the local businesses which are supporting the local community, not corporate America, that will have to pay for this damage. This was a poorly thought out action that targeted the wrong businesses. Anarchism is NOT about indiscriminate destruction. 

With many residents having anarchist sympathies, this action did one thing: drive more people away from the anarchist movement. Having participated in anarchist culture in the past, and myself been driven away by folks who seek less to build a truly non-authoritarian world than the thrillseeking of chaos and destruction, I say let them sit there a couple days.

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Indiscriminate destruction is not anarchy
Authored by: Pathology on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 03:34 PM CDT


nobody should have to be imprisoned (i.e. tortured) however I understand where you're coming from and completely agree with your sentiment.
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Indiscriminate destruction is not anarchy
Authored by: alta fuoco on Monday, May 03 2010 @ 05:11 PM CDT

 Someone on anews pointed out Asheville is a liberal tourist town, whose entire economy is structured around tourism and culture production. The area effected by the vandalism is the sort of center of that production. Such actions don't strengthen a concept of the social (a nice hippy liberal whatever town whose foundation is small business) that Asheville hopes to maintain, they violate and disrupt it. Time will tell if it was the most strategic, but so far, judging by the controversy the may day action imposed, it would appear to be successful.

On the otherhand, support comrades. Shut up about training or whatever, and realize that anarchists or whoever the vandals may have been are not living with any more privilege just because they have opinions about capitalism. They are acting from within their conditions, and judging by such conditions, they, like others worldwide, are pushed to attack, sort of everything. The proliferation of what would appear to be anti-social violence on Youtube is no mere coincidence. This world is shit. And defending Asheville's quaint "weirdness" won't change that.

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