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Monday, December 22 2014 @ 11:06 AM CST

Five arrested during March Against Police Brutality in Seattle

News ArchiveThree people were arrested during a march against Police Brutality in Seattle WA, this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. The march was organized in solidarity with the recent shooting of a Portland OR. resident by police, and with actions in response to this murder occurring up and down the West Coast.

Around 100 people met in front of Seattle Community College at noon. Police presence was already significant with 4 cops on horses, approximately a dozen cops on bicycles, with squad cars scattered around the surrounding blocks, as well as officers watching from inside SCC buildings.

Demonstrators started moving around 12:40, initially staying on the sidewalk while occasionally moving to block traffic as the march snaked through Capitol Hill.

Marchers took the street at 11th and Pine, blocking traffic before being pushed onto the sidewalk by police officers with bikes. After circling the block, protestors attempted to move a small dumpster into the street but were stopped by mounted police, who tried to use their horses to physically harm the protestors. The march grew quiet after this confrontation but people seemed determined to continue.

As the march moved up Pine, protestors again tried to move a large dumpster into the street but were stopped immediately by police. Marchers were violently pushed aside as cops used bicycles to barricade 3 individuals against the wall of Rancho Bravo, Mexican restaurant. A female-bodied person was slammed into a concrete pole and pushed to the ground.

The three people clung together on the ground as the cops tried to tear them apart. Other officers blocked off the rest of the march and attempted to block cameras from the scene.

The first person arrested was seen being restrained by three cops, each with a knee in his back, legs and head. He was dragged limp to a waiting police van.

The second arrestee was female-bodied and was taken to a separate squad car. While being forced into the car, she asked the press to photograph and document injuries to her face. The police would not let reporters into the street to take photos, but she appeared to have scratches and cuts on her right eye and chin, as well as the left side of her face.

Observers say they witnessed the third individual being kicked in the head by officers while on the ground. Presumably due to injuries he sustained, he did not seem lucid while being taken into custody.

The march continued on down Broadway until dispersing around 2:30. Jail support is being organized. The police have not released any information on who or exactly how many people have been arrested, though the Seattle Times (who has the corporate privilege of being in contact with police) reports that “Seattle Police spokeswoman Renee Witt said the five were arrested during a march in the Capitol Hill neighborhood Friday afternoon for investigation of crimes ranging from trespassing to inciting a riot”

Our hearts go out to our friends in custody

In Solidarity,
Seattle Independent Media Center

follow link to video here:
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