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Monday, December 22 2014 @ 05:23 AM CST

New donation based UK anarchist record label launched

A new free to download donation based record label "Free Activist Records " has just been launched. Our first release will be a 20 track compilation to raise awareness of Sean Kirtley anarchist AR prisoner.

We are a small collective of music lovers, artists, punks, workers and activists.

We are veganarchist, anti-consumerist, anti-fascist, anti-millitary, pro union, feminist, pro-choice, anti-globalization, anti-authority and we support direct action to smash oppression it all of its forms, whether it come from the state or corporations.

We also love music.

Free Activist Records was created to try to raise awareness of various issues from across the globe and join forces with artists and bands who give a shit to shed light and in some case try and raise money for grass roots activist groups.

All of our records are free to download with full artwork and can be re-distributed via cdr, torrent, filesharing or whatever means.

In most cases we allow grassroots activist groups to burn albums and print artwork to sell and raise money for campaign materials etc contact us for permission to do this before you start flogging stuff!

We rely on help from, bands, illustrators, artists, promoters, activists groups and YOU to keep FAR running. Please do contact us to find our what help we need.

We are on facebollocks and also MySpace

Check us out!

Solidarity and Respect,


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