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Wednesday, January 28 2015 @ 08:12 AM CST

Modesto Anarcho #11 Drops Today

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Modesto Anarcho: The Valley's Insurrectionary Journal of Class Struggle, hits the streets with its 11th issue. This is the police and prison issue, which includes interviews, articles, and as always, action reports, repression news, and prisoner letters.

Download the latest Modesto Anarcho here at: http://www.indybay.org/uploads/2009/05/15/ma11.pdf. Feel free to print out the pdf, make copies, and give to friends, co-workers, fellow students, and cell mates. For more information on how to get bulk copies of this and other titles, write to us at: Modesto Anarcho, PO Box 3027, Modesto, CA 95353.


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