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Monday, January 26 2015 @ 08:24 AM CST

From Milwaukee to Greece, Fuck the Police

News ArchiveVandalism claiming solidarity with greek anarchists, and denouncing police officers has been seen all over the city of Milwaukee.

Just strolling around town yesterday, this humble observer saw condos, developments, city buildings, and even some hummers that had been redecorated and dedicated to the social uprising happening in greece.

One building read, "No Control", another "the Social War is Everywhere". One piece of graffiti read "Alex was here", undoubtedly making reference to the teenage anarchist murdered by Greek Police. Most importantly, was the newly build condominium that read "From Milwaukee to Greece, Fuck the Police".
These sentiments were found just as other cities throughout the world are reporting on their expressions of solidarity with our comrades in greece. They echo the logic articulated over the past two weeks - that logic of attack. Our friends in greece demonstrated this logic when one of theirs was murdered. And we, in turn, are express it for them.

What becomes clear, is that resistance to power is everywhere. Milwaukee, MInneapolis, New York, Santa Cruz, Modesto, Chicago, Michigan, San Francisco, Tacoma, Olympia, North Carolina, Denver - We are many and strong!

May this only be the beginning



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