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Wednesday, December 17 2014 @ 10:17 PM CST

Global solidarity and resistance day... from Ankara, Turkey

News ArchiveNot this history but this rage is ours.

Since the day this rage has started, comrades; in universities, high schools, neighbourhoods and streets, have transferred the rage of the comrades in facing coast and continously developing processes of the world we carry in our hearts. In incoming mails, we’ve learned that greek capitalism’s symbol of some banks had been devastated. The anarchist voice rising up close by us would echo in our living area. Having deeply breathed in, we were feeling that our century was starting in fact now.

After the global action call of Athens Polytechnics Council in December 12, we started to make our arrangements.

In early days of this week, some groups told us that they’d heard the call, wanted to support the call and would be beside us in the action. Dtcf Toplumsal Cinsiyet Karşıtı Platform, Ehp, Sgd, Genç-Sen, Sdp ve Genç Kurtuluş who supported the action of Ankara Anarchy Initiative prepared their own banner.

Youngsters prepared a street game in which being killed by police bullets, for all their sisters and brothers, for Alexis.

We were in front of Greek Embassy of Ankara in December 20.

We went to the embassy by two city buses. The driver of one of the buses were warned and threated by plain cops in every station. And the driver changed the route. But we were ready to our move’s prevention and to the measures taken by police in front of the embassy building and in the streets. In order to cheat the sabotage of the state we got off the bus two stations before the original station and started a longer march to the embassy. As we expected, we saw that the guards of capitalism were waiting with their panzers and buses. With our flags and banner which was saying: “BÜTÜN DEVLETLER KATİLDİR ΟΛA TA KATH EINAI ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΙ” we waited for a while for the other bus of comrades. After they came, we started to march to the embassy. The police tried to prevent the walk by saying that the anarchists were in “a kind” of arrangements. Having approached to the embassy, we made our press statement with the accompany of our slogans. The slogans:

“Body of Alexis, Flame of Rage; Body of Engin, Flame of Rage; Body of Dilek, Flame of Rage”

“No Alone Independence, All Together or None of Us”

“A Thousand Salute To Who Fell and Fight in Athens”

“Rage Revolution Anarchy”

“What State Does is Massacres”

“All The States Are Murderers”

“Athens Rage; Thessaloniki Rage; Komotini Rage; Patras Rage; Alexandropoli Rage; Crete Rage; Cyprus Rage; İstanbul Rage; Ankara Rage; Rage Everywhere; Anarchy Everywhere”

After the press statement we read, the youngster anarchists were on the stage for their game. After the game they finished saying “All The States Are Murderers; Rage!”, anarchists threw bulbs filled with red paint to the embassy by making the statement “We brought you the anger of thousands of years and the blood of our sisters and brothers you’ve murdered”. By the time, the police got their share from the red paint which represents the blood of our murdered sisters and brothers.

The guards of capitalism couldn’t dare to intervene us in the action frequently we raised the tension. The action continued with a forty five minutes of march to Kızılay (city center of ankara). Along the march which accompanied by 300 robocops we encountered questions of many curious people. We received the support of those curious people when we told them that we were coming from the embassy and our lives belong to us, not to the state and to its murderers, that we were marching for every single person who murdered by the state, and on that day in streets of whole world actions were taken for our brother Alexis who was murdered by police in greece.

When we came to Kızılay, we finished the action in front of the monument of human rights by telling people the action we had taken in front of the embassy and throwing the last bulb to the police.

Approximately a hundred anarchists saluted the global action day of december 20 from Ankara just as happened in every street of the whole world.

Forgive or forget?

Never ever!

Viva Revolucion, Viva Anarchy!

Ankara Anarchy Initiative TURKEY/ANKARA

picture: http://istanbul.indymedia.org/news/2008/12/253091.php

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