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Sunday, January 25 2015 @ 06:20 PM CST

St. Louis: Solidarity demonstration with Greece and against the drudgery of our daily lives

News ArchiveOn Saturday December 20th, about 30-40 people gathered in the University City's Delmar Loop district, an area that is mostly a busy yuppie financial district but seems to be a melting pot for all walks of life, also the location of the most recent fatal shooting of a cop.

As people gathered, a small business owner saw masked people gathering about in the cold night and reminded us that we we're on his property and once we abandon the role of isolated atomized individuals then the property is no longer available for us to use.

So the solidarity march began. On the sidewalks we began, a small group walking amongst the freezing and surprisingly empty streets heading eastward.

Some handed out flyers stating why we we're there, making connections to the situation in Greece, and the violence of the economy which is not going away.

With loud chants of "From St. Louis to Greece - fuck the police!" filling the quiet air, busboys and waiters/waitresses came out from restaurants giving a positive reaction to what we were doing.

As we ended the end of the strip of the loop flyers were tossed into the air and scattered about by the high winds, then we turned around and got in the street. Not long after getting in the street did the police confront us.

Then it all escalated quickly.

A scuffle broke out, some were arrested, some were unarrested, a cop got hit in the shoulder with a metal pole.

The police threatened to arrest everyone, only 6 arrests were made.

It all happened within 20 minutes, and somehow a bank window a few blocks down was busted before the night was over.

It must be noted that FOX NEWS turned up, got a hold of one of our flyers, and in their initial first 2 broadcasts, read a few quotes from the flyers on air:

These problems aren't going away, and the resistance in Greece doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon, in fact, as we can see - it is spreading.

Things are getting worse without even the false promises that they will get better, so we might as well create the world we want, we can lash out individually or we can try to collectivize revolt and make it uncontrollable.

Here and elsewhere, this is only a beginning.
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