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Monday, January 26 2015 @ 02:29 PM CST

Highway To Hell: Anti-I69 Protesters Storm Cato Institute, Are Assaulted by Cops in DC

News ArchiveOn Monday, July 28, SDS, backed by activsts from both Potomac Earth First and Roadblock Earth First, staged the "Funk I-69" protest, treating the CATO institute, an office of I-69's surveyor, and the dual target(I-69 and ICC) Washington Post they way SDS normally treats military recruiters.

The first target on the menu was the neoliberal Cato Institue, one of the thinktanks responsable for NAFTA. I-69 is being built as one of several "NAFTA superhighways."

The glass-enclosed lobby of CATO was stormed by protesters before the cops were able to respond, sparking a pushing and shoving match, but no injuries.

The second target was the DC office of HNTB, the surveyors who are working on I-69(already they had another office smashed up by presumed Elvish warriors in another city). Cops expected an attack here and wall-to-wall cops were lined up to defend it, so only a street protest was possible here.

The third and final target was the Washington Post. The Washington Post is a dual target supporting the locally devastating Inter-County Connector as well as I-69 and any other "infrastructure" deemed essential for NAFTA and other trade treaties.

At the Washington Post, SDS and Earth First! had the advantage of surprise again, storming up the steps to the enclosed alcove and the doors, but cops rushed up quickly and were not blocked form approach by the rear of the crowd. In the ensuing events one protester was grabbed around the NECK and thrown down the steps of that bastion of "Free Speech,' the Washington post. Another received a foot injury from the heavy boots of the police-literally.

No arrests resulted, and injuries have not sent anyone to the hospital as this is being reported.

At the end of the event, speakers from Potomac Earth First spoke on the local/continental connection,linking the local fight against the ICC to the national mobilization to shut down construction of I-69.

Many states are still zero-budgeting I-69, and if just ONE state refuses to build their segment, the entire highway would likely be stopped as states further down refuse to build a segment that cannot be connected to the rest of the road.
This would work much like the way Montgomery County and Fairfax County have each been prevented by the other from building another bridge and another highway over the Potomac River.

My guess is that a portion longer than the entire ICC of I-69 will get built, but most of it can and will be stopped. This is just the beginning, and the foolish decision of Indiana cops to rub poison ivy in the faces of arrested treesitters is now having national repercussions!

Audio-interview with protester grabbed around neck by cop:

WSQT Broadcast Audio:

YOUTUBE VIDEO: The faceoff after protesters were pushed out of CATO:

DC Indymedia story with lots of photos:
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