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Wednesday, December 17 2014 @ 05:24 PM CST

Companies Shrinking Products to Lessen Inflation Shock for Consumers

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Tod Marks, senior editor for retailing at Consumer Reports, says you’re not imagining things. What the consumer protection Web site Consumerist.com calls the Grocery Shrink Ray is hitting products all over the store.

‘Shrink ray’ hits consumers’ wallets

‘Short-sizing’ saves manufacturers money but gives you less for same price

By David Ushery and Alex Johnson
NBC News and MSNBC
updated 2:59 p.m. PT, Mon., July. 7, 2008

With fuel and delivery costs rising, food manufacturers are faced with raising their prices or giving you less, and it seems that less is the growing trend.

To Dean Smith, the two containers of Breyers ice cream looked exactly the same at his supermarket in Evansville, Ind. Then he looked closely and figured out that the old package was 1¾ quarts, while the new package was just 1½ quarts.

“You can’t tell at all,” Smith said.

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