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Tuesday, January 27 2015 @ 07:22 PM CST

FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities

News ArchiveFollowing is a statement from a person known to EWOK! (Earth Warriors are OK!, formerly the Twin Cities Eco-Prisoner Support Committee). This person was approached by the local JTTF and offered the possibility of being a paid informant.

The individual has rejected the offer and now has an NLG lawyer. His statement should both inspire us for his refusal to cooperate, and remind us that he is probably not the only person solicited by the government in such a way and, unfortunately, we have to assume that some people will cooperate.

"As I was biking back from court, my phone rang. I let it go to answering machine and checked it when I was off my bike. It was the police officer who I talked to about my graffiti. It said something like, "This isn't graffiti related but I need your help with something. You're not in trouble, give me a call." I give him a call. Something like this:

"I'd like to meet with you today. It's not about graffiti." "I'm not going to rat anyone out, what do you want." Don't really know why I said that. I was nervous, I suppose. "Twenty minutes of your time. Where do you want to meet?" "I don't know, Eric, where do you want to meet? And can you tell me what this is about?" "I'll explain it when we meet. How about Expresso Expose?" "Sure." "When's good?" "How about 12:30."

So now I'm antsy and confused. I get there fifteen minutes early and then he comes a bit late. He says, "This is my partner," and he referred to the woman next to him. They both got coffee, leaving me in my shaky, dumbfounded mental state even longer. Then we sat down and she flashes an FBI badge. Seeing my nerves they reassured me again that I was safe and not guilty of anything. Then for twenty minutes they flatter me about how my personality and appearance are perfect matches for what is required in some espionage dealio. They wanted me to crash vegan potluck parties and get into the inner circle of terrorists because supposedly terrorists are trusting and I'm "trusting, easy going, funny," and a bunch of other flattery. Every time they said "vegan potluck" I chuckled, but their faces showed they weren't kidding. They said "vegan potluck" half a dozen times. They really feared vegans and their violent conspiracies to blow up buildings in protest to the republican national convention.

So after twenty minutes of bewildering suckups, they ask me if I'm in. They say there's compensation if I assist in someone's arrest. I say "ummmmmmm I'll pass." She says, "That was the fastest anyone has ever rejected me," and then tried for ten more minutes to get me to change my mind before saying, "Really: think about it. We could really use you." Then she gave me a business card. On the back she wrote me her cell phone number. I said "you have very legible handwriting," and they both had themselves a hearty laugh. "Call if you change your mind. Don't tell any of your friends about this and don't show anyone this card." We said our goodbyes and I haven't heard from either of them since."

Here’s the info from the business cards:

University of Minnesota Police
Twin Cities Campus
Erik Swanson
Police Sergeant, Investigations
Joint Terrorism Task Force
511 Washington Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Internet: www.umn.edu/police
E-mail: swans078@umn.edu
Office : 612-624-9560
Cell : 612-290-4688
Fax : 612-626-0534

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Maureen E. Mazzola
Special Agent
111 Washington Ave. South
Suite 1100
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Telephone: 612-376-3200
Fax: 612-376-3444
Cell: 612-490-7447 (very legibly on the back)

IF YOU ARE APPROACHED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, you do not have to talk to them. If you are in the Twin Cities area and you need jail/legal support, call the Cold Snap Hotline, (651) 356-8635. If you are arrested or subpoenaed for offenses related to environmental or animal activism, call the National Lawyers' Guild Hotline, 888-NLG-ECOL. To contact EWOK! for assistance or information, email fightthegreenscare@riseup.net.
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FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities | 4 comments | Create New Account
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FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities
Authored by: Cornelius on Monday, May 12 2008 @ 06:16 PM CDT
Our modus operandi is to never to talk to police, period. Yet, in this very bizarre situation, a voluntary (uncoerced, as much as is possible with the police anyway) interaction with the police yielded some very interesting and relevant information.

This is the first documented case that I know of in which the police try to persuade someone in the movement to become an informant, not through coercions and threats and deals with people facing long sentences, but rather through flattery and monetary compensation.

Also, the Feds seem very worried about vegan potlucks, which means we should start having a lot more of them. If they want informants at every public vegan potluck, then lets stretch their resources thin. Besides, potlucks are a lot of fun and good for community building. We should organize the Vegan Potluck Federal Diversion Network.
FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities
Authored by: Positive_anarchy on Monday, May 12 2008 @ 09:37 PM CDT
well, they are really freaking out, talk to your friends that have debts and who are drug addicts. They are easy targets and make sure they get more support in their community.

Also, it would be funny if people prank called the FBI agent, IMO.

Does anyone know if there has been past examples of this in the united states about mass mobilizations? I really want to see a banner at both revenge for the fallen stop the green scare or something like that.
FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities
Authored by: Al Ligator on Tuesday, May 13 2008 @ 01:47 PM CDT
We had an instance here where we knew who an infiltrator was, because he had been seen around town, yet never cared about politics, or anarchism or any of that, until a big demostration came up and he was all gung ho, asking alot of questions, wanting to be heavily involoved, talking about armed struggle (?).
Luckily for him he is either still in jail right now (for a different reason altogether) or moved away.
But the reason I am posting this is because he went to jail for rape, and the police offered him a deal - to infiltrate our group to be let out, and he did. He had alot of tattoos - looked very "punk" so they thought he'd fit in well. So watch out for that kind of stuff.
It is refreshing to know that those in power tend to pick really bad infiltrators though.
FBI seeks informants in the Twin Cities
Authored by: Admin on Tuesday, May 13 2008 @ 02:09 PM CDT
As Positive_anarchy points out, the best rule of thumb is to NOT plan illegal actions with people you've just met or with people you want to fuck. How many radicals in recent years (mostly here in the U.S.) have gotten into serious legal trouble because they ignore this obvious rule of thumb? People get worked up about undercover police officers infiltrating protest groups, but the thing people should really worry about are the people who get involved who have criminal histories, drug abuse problems, and other types of problems that can be used by the authorities to lean on these sketchy people. If you are planning an illegal direct action and choose to work with some new person, that one mistake right there, but to compound it by not knowing that your new "comrade" is on probation and will snitch on you if you guys get caught?

There ought to be a way that the movements can raise awareness about these things.