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The New Nuclear Arms Race

News ArchiveThe new nuclear arms race:

Here is an excellent detailed analysis by a member of the FAS. The US
already has over 1000 of these nuclear bunker busters, with 400 of them
in active service:

While Iran stands accused of pursuing nuclear weapons, the US is overtly
developing the next generation of nukes.

[Senate Minority Leader] Reid assured 'Divine Strake' will be safe

Maybe it's just me, but this event seems extremely newsworthy and highly
ignored given all the propaganda aimed at Iran's nuclear enrichment
program. There is no way to deliver a 700 ton ANFO bomb, much less
deliver it 20 feet below ground to target underground facilities. It
will take 4 to 5 days of trucks running around the clock to deliver the
700 tons of ANFO slurry to the site (page 24):


This Washington Post article states "The blast is not likely to be felt
or heard outside the 1,375-square-mile test site":

This statement is absolute garbage: the budget.state.nv.us document
(pages 74-75) states that North Las Vegas can expect up to a 126 decibel
sound level from the blast 67 miles away--louder than a commercial jet
taking off, almost as loud as a civil defense siren (page 38). The table
4.2-2 at the top of page 74 states that while home walls and plaster may
experience cracking at 7 miles away, a footnote indicates that certain
atmospheric conditions may increase this distance by 7 times, or 49
miles away (another study cited on page 101 indicates that atmospheric
conditions may increase damage and environmental impact by up to ten
times the distances given). Similarly, while one cracked window per 1000
person population can be expected at 7 miles away, certain atmospheric
conditions may increase this to 49 miles away.

Wildlife within 1.4 miles will experience permanent hearing damage at
163 decibels (louder than a large caliber handgun, e.g. .357 magnum),
and under certain atmospheric conditions this range may extend as far as
10 miles; wildlife within 13.6 miles and 95 miles will experience
painful levels of noise from the blast at 140 decibels (military jet
takeoff) depending on atmospheric conditions (table 4.2-1, page 73, see
footnotes, also see page 103). All wildlife within the NTS boundary will
experience painful noise levels of 140 decibels. A sound like thunder
may be heard between 25 and 175 miles away, depending on atmospheric
conditions. The document deceptively calls this "no significant impact."

This AP article states:

"The test, named 'Divine Strake,' will involve nearly 40 times the
amount of commercial ammonium nitrate and fuel oil explosive set off in
the largest open-air, non-nuclear blast at the site to date. In 2002, 18
tons of explosives were set off at the Nevada Test Site."

While technically true, it is a fairly misleading statement. Pages 15-16
list 10 different ANFO detonations at a different site--the White Sands
Missile Base in New Mexico--varying from 24 tons to 4744 tons, between
1977 and 1991.

This June 2 test is occurring on Western Shoshone lands, and is in
violation of a recent decision by the United Nations Committee on the
Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD):

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The New Nuclear Arms Race
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, April 08 2006 @ 10:34 PM CDT
The devastating radiocative fallout from the B61-11:

The New Nuclear Arms Race
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, April 10 2006 @ 02:18 AM CDT