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Thursday, December 18 2014 @ 05:04 PM CST

Anarchist Convergence in NC

News ArchiveSubmitted by Barakti Collective:

-Please Circulate-

Carolina Anarchist Convergence
April 18-20th
Asheville, NC

As the American military machine prepares for imminent war, networking is increasingly crucial to coordinate radical resistance. As a region ripe with energy and talented folks, the Carolinas has yet to see a lasting network of anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalist groups and individuals. The desire to work and build relationships with people in our region has led the Barakti Collective of Charlotte and the Strike (A) Match Collective of Asheville to organize this meeting of anarchists in the Carolinas.

On the weekend of April 18-20th anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist radicals in the carolinas will converge with the intention of strengthening ties of communication and friendship among our communities, and exploring possibilities for further collaboration. All are invited, but the gathering will have a regional focus.

After breakfast and an opening introduction circle, Saturday will be a day for getting to know each other and sharing our ideas and experiences with campaigns and projects in our own communities. Reports from various groups around the Carolinas such as Earth First!, Anti-Racist Action, Prison Books Project, and Copwatch, as well as discussions about anarchist anti-war organizing, community space building, community art and media projects, and anti-gentrification campaigning will be scheduled for morning and afternoon blocks. Saturday evening entertainment and a meal with Food Not Bombs are planned as well. Please contact us if you'd like to propose a topic for discussion, or just bring your ideas with you.

On Sunday, those who want to meet to formalize a lasting network of anarchist groups, collectives, and individuals will be doing so. We envision communication and resource sharing as the building blocks of this network. See the end of this announcement for details.

Although anarchists from Charlotte and Asheville have taken the initiative to organize the convergence, we encourage others to participate, and come with proposals and ideas. The basic structure of the weekend is still loose, and we invite many contributions to its planning. We are also willing to help cities and towns organize locally to build interest for the event. For now, a listserve is in operation, and we encourage all to jump on and join the dialogue.

Radical parents are more than encouraged to come. There will be childcare provided at the convergence. We have more than enough room to accommodate for that regardless of the weather. We, the Strike A Match collective, ask that you bring some games and books for the kids. We have alot here already, as there a quite a few parents in our community but if parents and those who are not parents (yet) can bring some more for variety that'll be great. This way we can all check out different favorite items (books, etc.) for our kids and can share ideas with each other. There are also a few parks around town if the weather is permitting.

Housing is also being arranged, but please try to let folks know if you'll be needing housing for the weekend.

SUNDAY APRIL 20 at 1pm
From the West coast to the Great Plains, and onward to the Northeast, anarchists* are creating a new generation of networks and federations in effort to better organize themselves against the forces of capitalism and the state. On Sunday, April 20, the last day of the convergence of anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and anti-capitalists, a session will take place to develop a lasting network of radicals in the North Carolina region. The establishment of this network will help aid in the overall goal of the conference: better communication and resource sharing. However, this session will further that bond by bringing together a body of groups, individuals, and collectives in a more formal network that will make anarchism more practical in each of our communities. This infrastructure is intended to aid in coordinating projects across the region, providing resources and support to a growing movement, and overcoming our current boundaries. We envision an umbrella of mutual aid embracing all tendencies and aspects of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist movement, and avoiding the sort of federation-like structure that may inhibit autonomy of action and idea.

*We acknowlege that "anarchist" is another label, and that many of us may choose not to identify ourselves in political terms anything, even though we may share in common politics for Liberatory Revolutionary changes of society towards Community, Autonomy and Mutual Aid. Therefore those folks who are leading radical lifestyles which work to Build Community and create a Revolution where We are All Free are Invited and Welcome.

The Barakti Collective of Charlotte can be contacted at
barakti_collective@hotmail.com -email them to get ontothe listserve, or send email to Carolina_RaiseUp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and
the Strike (A) Match Collective of Asheville can be contacted at
lightaflame@ziplip.com -they are working on logistics of the weekend. Let us know what you need (housing, childcare, etc.) and what you'd like to see (workshops) or if you play music or perform and would like to play at the convergence. We can work together
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comment by wispy cockles
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, March 09 2003 @ 01:11 AM CST
It\'s really inspiring to see more and more anarchists striving for regional organization in both federations and networks. Best of luck to Barakti, Strike (A) Match, and all Carolina comrades.