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Monday, December 22 2014 @ 09:46 PM CST

Jerome White Bey on Ashcroft Prison Snitch Program

News ArchiveSubmitted by breakthechains:

(Note: Break The Chains just received the following article from Jerome White-Bey in hand-written form. Because the article was hand-written, it was somewhat difficult for us to follow the article. We have tried to keep the article as intact as possible, though we may have made some mistakes in the course of translating this letter from it’s hand-written form. We encourage people to contact the Chicago Anarchist Black Cross, or Jerome W-B personally, if you’d like to learn more about the struggles of Missouri prisoners.)

The Jefferson City Correctional Center Installs HOT T.I..P.S.

By Jerome White-Bey

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does for those of us here at the Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC). A new snitch program has been introduced to the Missouri prison system by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. The program is called HOT T.I.P.S. Bear in mind that Ashcroft is the former Governor of the State of Missouri. So, it’s hardly ironic that all of a sudden Gary B. Kempker, Director of the Missouri Dept. Of Corrections and Superintendent Dave Dormire of the JCCC out of thin air just so happen to install the Ashcroft snitch system within these prison walls, the HOT T.I.P.S. is now connected up to the prisons phone system! Jefferson City is the Capital of the State of Missouri and the prison is only three blocks down the street from the State Capitol Building, so now you connect the dots….

The prisoners telephone system is funded by the “Inmate Canteen Fund,” which means the money used to pay the phone bill comes from the prisoners canteen system throughout the state of Missouri, and let us not forget that our loved one’s are also charged for the collect phone calls we place to them. The “Inmate Canteen Fund” are to be used to purchase what is needed for the whole prison population. In reality we are paying the bill for Ashcroft’s HOT T.I..P.S. snitch program!

This snitch program is in direct violation of the Missouri Department of Corrections Policy – “IS13-2.1 – Offender Access to Telephones.” The telephone system established for use by offenders to place collect phone calls outside the institution and this phone system restricted to communication within the institution…. The snitch HOT T.I.P.S. is set up as follows --- The HOT T.I.P.S. number is placed on the institutional TV cable station called Jefftown, and this TV station just so happens to also be funded by the prisoners “Inmate Canteen Fund” and the HOT T.I.P.S. telephone line is connected directly to the prison institutional investigator’s office, so the sorry ass snitches can call and rat on their fellow prisoners without detection and if the sorry ass snitch’s information pans out as true and leads to a prisoner being placed in the hole or getting new charges, then the rotten ass snitch is given a reward and money will be placed on his prison account by Superintendent Dormire. The Missouri Dept. Of Corrections is being used as testing ground for Ashcroft’s snitch program – which he intends to eventually implement into all prisons in the U.S. – be they State or Federal.

So, comrades, get ready because T.I.P.S. is heading your way, if it’s not there already, and so far T.I.P.S. future seems to be bright, for the hole is full here, the telephones (“standing room only”) are in full use all day long, and prisoners that no one has ever seen use the phone are all of a sudden spending long time on the phones, and prisoners that never used to get visits, or receive mail or money orders from home, nor have a nice prison slave job, are now spending big $$$ at the prison canteen, so you connect the dots for they are all connected dot by dot, and snitch by snitch. So beware, T.I.P.S. is headed your way.

However, the Missouri Prison Labor Union is asking all prisoners in the Missouri prison system and especially those at the JCCC to join us in protest by refraining from using the telephone to call our loved one’s until T.I.P.S. is removed from our phone system, and that people in the free world who know someone at the prison refuse to accept any telephone calls from here, and any prisoner that use the phone where T.I.P.S. is installed should be viewed with an eye of suspect. This is the second snitch program that has been established here, there is a drug program here called ITC where prisoners are promised release dates and train in the arts of snitching – inmate guards who write violation reports on other prisoners. If we refuse to use the phones then T.I.P.S. will be removed off the phone system. Prison officials say the use of the telephones is a privilege and not a right, well this is a privilege that the pigs can keep!

We continue to stay strong and united,

In struggle,

Jerome White-Bey, #37479, Jefferson City Correctional Center, PO Box 900 (5C-146), Jefferson City, MO 65102
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