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PAZ: A Conference on Builidng Permanent Autonomous Zones

News ArchiveSubmitted by Chuck0:

PAZ: A Conference on Builidng Permanent Autonomous Zones

August 31 - September 3, 2001 (Labor Day Weekend)

Louisville, Kentucky, USA



--What is a PAZ?--

A non-authoritarian space, intentional community, or organization, such as
an infoshop, community center, pirate or lpfm station, free or modern
school, housing collective, squat, community garden, food co-op, etc.!
Examples: Abc No Rio, Food Not Bombs, A-Zones, Wooden Shoe, Secret Sailor,
the Brycc House, AK Press, Homes Not Jails, etc.

--So why a conference about it?--

Because those of us involved in or planning a PAZ need to begin a dialogue
about creating them, running them, diversifying them, and sustaining them!
We want to support the growth of alternative projects that are not
motivated by profit or government forces.

--What will be discussed?--

How to begin specific kinds of PAZs, how to collectively organize, how to
deal with and/or bypass legal restrictions, conflict resolution within
PAZs, how to raise money or obtain other resources, how to find reliable
participants, and other knowledge and skills needed to build a thriving PAZ!

--How much is it and what does that include?--

$15 or whatever you can afford. The entrance fee covers conference
admission, housing (we will put you up!), food (vegan cuisine by Louisville
Food Not Bombs), nightly entertainment (music and films), and childcare.

--Where will it be?--

At the Brycc House (http://www.brycchouse.org), a community center run by
the collectives that use it, in Louisville, KY. L'ville Fun Fact:
Louisville is within a 5 hours' drive of 80% of the US population.

--What do I do now?--

Go to the PAZ site (http://www.infoshop.org/paz) to read more, submit your
own workshops, join the email lists, and support us by spreading the word.
Check back to the Web site, as we'll be updating workshops and other
information frequently.

For conference information not via the Web, send a self-addressed, stamped
envelope to:

PAZ Conference

PO Box 4964

Louisville, KY 40204


PAZ: A Conference on Building Permanent Autonomous Zones


Brycc House


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comment by Robin Banks
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, May 19 2001 @ 04:27 PM CDT
That should read \"Louisville is within a DAY\'S drive of 80% of the U.S. population.\" Not five hours.
comment by Liz
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 21 2001 @ 12:59 AM CDT

the original writer of that there paz thing