Anti-Racist Action


How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News

by Pagan Kennedy

One day in late November, an earth and environmental science professor named Nathan Phillips visited Breitbart News for the first time. Mr. Phillips had heard about the hateful headlines on the site — like “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” — and wondered what kind of companies would support such messages with their ad dollars. When he clicked on the site, he was shocked to discover ads for universities, including one for the graduate school where he’d received his own degree — Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. “That was a punch in the stomach,” he said.


Anti-Racist Rednecks with Guns: An Interview With Dave Strano

by Dave Onion
July 24th, 2015
via The Hampton Institute


Confronting Cops and Klan in Stone Mountain

CrimethInc blog
May 18th, 2016

On April 23, 2016, hundreds of people gathered to oppose a rally called by the Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. This convergence brought together a wide range of groups committed to shutting down the KKK. The crowd circumvented several blockades consisting of hundreds of local officers, riot police, and state SWAT teams to reach the parking lot where the white supremacists were assembling.


Hundreds Protest Fascists in Seattle

Infoshop News
December 6, 2015

Hundreds of anti-fascists staged in Seattle tonight in protest of local fascists. The protests were called by Rose City Antifa and other groups.

8:15 PDT: Dispersal order given by police in Seattle. #defendseattle #antifa

Call to Action: Smash the Hammerskins in Seattle December 6th

December 2, 2015

From Rose City Antifa

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