Ukraine, anarchist action in Kiev


Action of solidarity in Kyiv, Ukraine

by shadow from "NO the@tre" 10:33pm Mon Jul 30 '01

The week after the first day of G8 meeting in Genoa and death of the economic globalisation?s young opponent Carlo Guiliani from the cop?s bullet, Kyiv anarchists under the name ""NO the@tre" group" made the action – theatrical performance in front of the Italian embassy.

Action was made in Guiliani?s memory and in support of political prisoners. We didn?t want to make Carlo any kind of cult figure, so the main idea was "He?s one of us". The demands of the action were: release all political prisoners, stop the state and police repressions and tortures, stop the disinformation campaign in the media and government?s lie about what happened during and after the summit in the city. Also in statement there was a demand of stopping political and economical practices which are manifested by such institutions and summits as G8. Statement had information on police brutality and fate of arrested people – among others, Austrian "No border, No nation" Public Theatre Caravan.

The main idea was to make a silent theatrical action at which some Cop came to Genoa and install the Red Zone "for world masters only". And when some two masked Demonstrators with posters "Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood" and written notice "I?m Carlo Guiliani" tried to enter this zone explaining that they also, as every person, are "the world masters" – Cop prevented to do so. Finally he shot them and two other people – some Pacifist girl and some Reporter, who were the witnesses of the first murder and took the masks off the Demonstrators? faces – and saw that faces are painted in bright, warm colours. After that, shocked, they take for themselves the notices "I?m Carlo Guiliani" – and are shot also. Cop became alone with dead bodies of people with bright faces around, so shocked himself that he take off his police clothes and run out. After this some candle is lightened in front of the Carlo?s portrait, everyone get up and write the demands to release all political prisoners on the ground, slogan "Carlo Guiliani isn?t hero neither martyr. He?s just one of us" on the paper, statement is given by someone in black mask to the embassy (while there?s too many lies about "terrorist nature" of the movement in the media, we made statement from the letters cut from different papers and pasted to the big sheet of paper, and that shocked the embassy official a bit). After that statement is written in a loud voice, and everyone go out.

We decided not to give any interview, for different reasons. Except reading the statement, all the action was silent – and we didn?t want to brake this silence. We neither wanted to use any other means except visual. Neither we wanted to give the opportunity to the mainstream journalists to use interview for making any perversion what they like to do. But there were cameras etc., and action received some press coverage.

We didn?t have problems with police, everything was quiet, officials from the embassy didn?t want to look at the performance despite they were invited. But finally they had to go out to take our statement to the embassy.

After the end we took everything from the equipment from the action place, but left the Carlo?s portrait and the candle. Some man incivilian clothes came to one of us and said, that "they (?) would like to ask, even insist, that portrait is taken out". The next dialogue followed:

– Why?

– Because it?s rubbish for us.

– And for us it?s the photo of the man who died from police?s hands.

– So take it with yourself.

– And if we won?t?

– You?ll have to place another portrait soon, – he said and went out quickly.

And before, at the beginning of the week, some e-mail and fax protest campaign was also made to Italian institutions – in Kyiv and somewhere abroad.

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