Shutting down pipelines is way easier than anyone thought

The Cat is Out of the Bag

By Anonymous

After a years-long, hard-fought campaign against Line 9, which employed a diversity of tactics, from lobbying to legal battles to direct action, Line 9 transported crude to a refinery in Montreal on December 3, 2015.

On December 7, we shut it down. Literally. Most media reported that Enbridge shut down Line 9 as a "precautionary measure", but we know better. We closed the valve manually. This is historic: to our knowledge, this is the first time that activists have manually shut down a pipeline. Who would have thought that it be so simple?

The day of the action, Enbridge stock plunged 8 percent. For a company worth almost 60 Billion dollars, that`s about 4.8 Billion dollars. Take that, ya malignant scum!


Anti-Productivism: A Manifesto

Translation of June 2015 text by Spanish anti-capitalist group and publication "Revue Argelaga."


Why Occupy?

Third in a Four Part Series

by Edward Martin and Mateo Pimentel
Dissident Voice
May 21st, 2015


From Chiapas to Rojava: seas divide us, autonomy binds us

Zapatista women

by Petar Stanchev
ROAR Magazine
February 17, 2015

Only six months ago very few people had ever heard of Kobani. But when ISIS launched its futile attack on the town in September 2014, the little Kurdish stronghold quickly became a major focal point in the struggle against the religious extremists. In the months that followed, Kobani was transformed into an international symbol of resistance, compared to both Barcelona and Stalingrad for its role as a bulwark against fascism.

The brave resistance of the People’s and Women’s Defense Units (YPG and YPJ) was praised by a broad spectrum of groups and individuals — from anarchists, leftists and liberals to right-wing conservatives — who expressed sympathy and admiration for the men and women of Kobani in their historical battle against the forces of ISIS.


Support Slovak comrades detained in Genoa


On 1st August 2001 a protest meeting was held in front of Italian Embassy in Slovakia.

It was organised by members of PA-AKOP-IWA and Slovak section of CSAF and was a second demo in one week this time aimed at immediate release of two Slovak activists detained when leaving Genoa with Austrian anticapitalist caravan.

We were dealt as not welcomed in the place from the part of the embassy officials, they refused to take our protest statement and didn‘t let us give it personally to the Embassador. Actually, the translator just didn't wanted to tell us anything and turned his back to us (literally) and went away. Second time we tried to give the statement, we were told to put it into their mail box.

By the way, the wall of the embassy which was spray-painted last week is already cleared. It seems like a provocation :)



Ukraine, anarchist action in Kiev

Action of solidarity in Kyiv, Ukraine

by shadow from "NO the@tre" 10:33pm Mon Jul 30 '01

The week after the first day of G8 meeting in Genoa and death of the economic globalisation?s young opponent Carlo Guiliani from the cop?s bullet, Kyiv anarchists under the name ""NO the@tre" group" made the action - theatrical performance in front of the Italian embassy.


India, Solidarity Message with Genoa Sanjay Sangvai

July 29, 2001


We, the participants of the 'Satyagraha' presently taking place on the banks of the RIver Narmada, in the village of Domkhedi, Jalsindhi and Kasaravad villages would like to express solidarity with the protesters in Genoa and condemn the brutal state terror employed by the summit organisers.

We send our condolences to the family and friends of our comrade who was murdered by the Italian Government.

The violent tactics employed by the police in Genoa to suppress a democratic demonstration reveal that the G-8 Governments rhetoric of 'human rights' and 'freedom' only applies to those who ascribe to West's globalising policies.


Fascism in Genoa

July 28, 2001

by Starhawk


I was there when the carabinieri raided the IndyMedia Center and the Diaz school, in Genoa, at the end of the protest against the G8 meeting.

We heard the shouts and screams, couldn't get out the door, ran upstairs and hid, fearing for our lives. Eventually the cops found us, but we were the lucky ones. A Member of Parliament was in our building; lawyers and media arrived. There was some obscure Italian legal reason why the police could be deterred. They withdrew.

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