Twin Cities Anarchist People of Color Engage Militancy Debate

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Unicorn Riot
July 13, 2016

Minneapolis, MN – On July 9th, 2016 Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (BLM-Mpls), along with members of other groups and non-group affiliated young people, led a protest march and shutdown of highway I-94 In St Paul, MN to demand justice for Philando Castile.

During the shutdown, a multi-jurisdiction task force fired multiple rounds of rubber bullets, flash bangs, CS gas, rubber ball grenades, 40mm marker rounds, and pepper spray at protesters. In response, water bottles, rocks, and firecrackers were hurled back by numerous protesters towards police lines.

In recent days, as tensions have grown over issues such as noise levels at occupations and defense against white supremacists, questions of militancy, anarchism, direct action, and community self-defense have shot to the front of public conversation.

During and after the action, prominent BLM-Mpls activists and others made statements asserting that it was solely outside individuals who were instigating self-defense against police.

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