Spain: Two Anarchists Charged With Terrorism For Puppet Show

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Infoshop News
February 6, 2016

Madrid ~ Two comrades of the CNT and anarchists who perform a "puppet show" were detained yesterday in the afternoon. This week, they were invited by the Madrid city hall government to perform a puppet show for the kids for the week of Carnival, in one part of this puppet show they put out a banner says "Gora Alka-ETA" which has double meanings. If you put "Gora ALKAETA" without dash it could be saying "viva mayor"(mayor in euskera is alkateta), but if you put it with dash it shows up the "ETA" in capital (which being recognized as basque terrorist group). So the parent at the puppet show was "shocked"(as how they described) and they right away called the police to complain this puppet show was "supporting and promoting Terrorism". Also they were complaining that the puppet show also encouraging the kids "to occupy empty house". Now these 2 comrades are charged with "Apología del terrorimso" which means they opening promoting and advocating terrorism, and could be sentenced 1 to 2 years in prison.

We found a lawyer for the comrades, but they still detained.

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