Bob McGlynn has died

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by syndicalist
August 26, 2016

It is with sad and heavy heart that I report on the untimely death of Nu Yawk (New York) anarchist and all around trouble maker Bob McGlynn. Apparently he died of a heart attack. He was about 61 and suffering from health issues for some time.

Many of you might recall Bob McG from "Neither East-Nor West" and "Trust Group" days. More likely recall "On Golol Boulevard" ( ) ( ) I believe his one lib com posting can be found:

I hope to write something more extensive later. For now, let me just share these words I posted on FB:

"Bob and our NY comrades go back to the late 1970s...from bike messengers, to east-west stuff, the Awareness League, so many other campaigns and good times. A hard drinker and wild at that in his prime, but you would not have found a more dedicated soul...both to the movement and those he had a special relationship with.

Dear friend, comrade, I never would've thought it would come to such a short end. You fought your demons, your demons fought you. You fought the good fight for freedom, be it in the capitalist world or the so-called "communist". You were such a nutter at times, but no one could every question your sincerity, your heart and funny ass soul. Time may not have always been good, but brother, you were "there" in so many ways. Big hug comrade, many tears to shed, many good memories to recall and write about, but the fight will go on, just as you would wish.

Those of us who knew you well will miss you in ways that go beyond words. Until we are on the same side of the barricade again.... Bob McGlynn...PRESNETE!"

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