Infoshop News Journalism Fund


We've been bringing independent journalism and opinion to millions of readers for the past 21 years. Since 1995. Our news service has never run any advertising, so we rely on readers such as you to support our work. Our goal is to continue publishing news and opinion that you want to read.

Over the past 21+ years, we've brought you:

Around 44,000 articles, reports, features, editorials and more, from alternative media, blogs and content original to Infoshop News.

Comprehensive coverage of major events and movements including the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle, disaster relief efforts, Occupy Wall Street and the ongoing anti-war movements.

Ongoing coverage of activist legal campaigns and support projects.

Original journalism and investigative reporting including "Paramilitaries and Palm Plantations: A Murderous Combination in Colombia", "'Turning a Corner:' Changing Attitudes, Confronting Realities of Prostitution", "Immigrant Activist Deported from Canada" and "Why Hospitals Overcharge the Uninsured"

With your help, we plan to use funds from this campaign to pay journalists, reporters, videographers and professional artists, so that they can create original journalism for Infoshop News. We plan to fund investigative journalism and reporting on serious issues that we've covered over the years, including: workplace organizing, environmental activism, social change movements, climate change actions, indigenous activism, Black Lives Matter, alternative media, direct action and much more.

This is important to us to keep this project going. We'd like to see it thrive and expand. Infoshop News is vital in this era of social media enclosure of news and information, as well as corporate-controlled news services. As we move into our third decade, we want to live up to the project's potential. Thank you!

Journalists and Reporters

We are looking for journalists and reporters who are interested in writing for us. Please contact us with a resume or CV, listing your published articles and publications.

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